Have you noticed the new groupings in the Webstore? We received a few comments about organizing things a little different and we heard you and split stuff apart to make it easier for you.

SoundImp Publishing: This is where you will be finding all the books produced by Sound Impressions including Children’s Books by Karlene Koba and Magazines like Aniville or RingShotz.

StoryStick Productions: Our sister group mostly produces events and artistic ventures. Here you will find the photography of SSP among some of their wood projects and more!

2nd Chance Collectibles: Is where you will find things like Comic Books, Trading Cards, Sports Cards and More!

2nd Chance Consignments: We have been getting a lot of input and stock from people looking to clean up their houses and more. You will be able to find things like Knick Knacks and more!

2nd Chance Furniture: Looking for a piece of furniture we will be listing weekly pieces as people try to clean up and earn a little extra cash.

2nd Chance Gallery: Here you will be able to find Prints, Paintings, Carvings and more from other artists mostly signed!

2nd Chance Media: Sound Impressions and a few consignees have a large media collection including VHS, DVD, Records, Tapes and more! Here is a one stop to find some of these items giving them a second life!

POP! Shop: Everything funko including mystery minis, Pop figures and more can be found in our location store!

IndyGurlz: IndyGurlz wrestling giving a chance for the female fighters to shine! You will find DVDs, Shirts and more in this little store to support the project

New Horizons ProWrestling: Is a wrestling promotion out of the United States and Australia bringing young up and coming stars helping build to the superstars of the future.

That is the quick rundown of all the new sections and microstores available at the webstore on http://www.soundimpllc.com