Sound Impressions LLC is expecting to have two new titles available in August 2016.

“Cirka, The Heavy-Metal Cat” by Everett Foster.

“Cirka, The Heavy-Metal Cat” is the story of a spunky, adorable kitty who discovers her true love for her Masters Heavy-Metal music. Written by Everett L. Foster this is his second book. His previous book, “Retsof, The Skateboarding Elf” is a book telling us that it is alright to be different.

“Visions Within – Nature and Landscapes” by Janie Lynn Johnson.

Photographs taken in Oregon and Montana, remind us of just just how beautiful America is. Ms. Johnson captures scenes that should remind us all that nature helps us to separate ourselves from the hectic lives we live. Her original mixed compositions show great imagination. This is Janie Lynn Johnson’s Second book. Her previous work was also a book of photographs, titled: “The Eye Behind The Lense” showing photos from early in her career

Both books will be available through and your local retailer in the coming weeks.