Come and join Sound Impressions LLC and Don’s Sandwich Shop on Septembet 25th noon to 4:00PM during Boonton Day as authors, Illustrators, Photographers and  NXT, TNA, and Shimmer wrestler Leva “Blue Pants” Bates hold a Meet & Greet for everyone at the event!

Guests Scheduled to Appear:

  • Leva “Blue Pants” Bates

    • Leva Bates is an American professional wrestler best known for her appearances with WWE in WWE:NXT under the name Blue Pants and for her use of cosplay in her ring outfits / modeling. She regularly dresses as characters from movies, video games, and comic books.

      Leva  is debuting her photo book with Jason Koba at this event. This will be the only location you can get both Leva and Jason’s signature at the same event.

      • Items Available / Prices
        Signed Special Edition Postcard: Free (While Supplies Last)
        PhotoOps: Free (With Your Supplied Camera)
        Signed 8 x 10: $10.00
        New Book! Aniville #2: Leva Bates: $15.00 (Limited Quantity)

  • Jason Koba (Aniville Magazine & SSP Digest)

    • Boonton born and bred Jason has been producing media and shows for over 20 years. Jason’s newest book Aniville Magazine #2 presents picture with wrestler Leva Bates cosplaying as a High School of The Dead Student.
      • Items Available / Prices
        Signed Special Edition Photo: Free (While Supplies Last)
        Aniville #1: Rika:  $15.00
        Aniville #2: Leva Bates: $15.00
        SSP Digest #1: $10.00
  • Sandra Wirfel (The Happy Cow, Pocketman, Mr. Slugs Breakfast)
    • Sandra L. Wirfel author of “The Happy Cow”, a story about an unhappy cow, looking for happiness living on Farmer Brown farm.

      Ms. Wirfel is also author of “Pocketman”, a story about a young boy and his love for what he can keep in his pockets.

      “Mr. Slug’s Breakfast”, is a concept book that follows Mr Slug through the garden in the hope of finding something new for his breakfast.

  • Loisann Griglak (Illustrator: Pocketman, The Happy Cow, Mr. Slugs Breakfast)
    • Loisann Griglak is an illustrator for Ms. Wirfel’s books and will also be in attendance. Loisann is currently working on “From Nothing to Something, The Life Story of Dr. James Still”. Dr. Still, a son of slaves became known as the “Black Doctor of The Pines”for his herbal remedies.
  • Everett Foster (Retsof the Skateboarding Elf & Cirka the Heavy Metal Cat)
    • Everett Foster, author and artist of “Retsof the Skateboarding Elf” and “Cirka the Heavy Metal Cat”.

      Retsof teaches us that being bullied is wrong, even if you are one of Santa’s elves, where Circka introduces us to a cat with a unique choice in music.


Come meet and learn about each guest and enjoy a day on Main St. in Boonton, NJ learning about the people and history of this small town.