Fall has arrived and as we find ourselves inside a little more, it’s a good time to think about books.

Young reader books include: The Bear on The Trampoline and The Cow in The Kitchen by Karlene Koba.                                                                                                                                                       The Happy Cow, Pocketman and Mr. Slug’s Breakfast by Sandra L. Wirfel                                   Retsof The Skateboarding Elf and Circka The Heavy Metal Cat by Everett Foster.

If Photographs are your thing, check out: The Eye Behind The Lense and Visions Within, Nature and Landscape Art by Janie Lynn Johnson.                                                                                 Scotland My Home by Anne Blackwell-Collins.

Self Expressive Poetry? You’ll enjoy Cherry Crossings and Pieces of Me by Parissa Bavi.

These are just some of the books offered through Sound Impressions, LLC and all, plus others are available on amazon.com.

Happy Fall everyone. Be safe and take some time to read.